The  7A   of Mr Valentaine DENEVE

This 7A is owned now by Mr Deneve from Belgium  .

When the 7A was owned by a previous owner, we received its history during that years.

""Bought in 2000 by some agricoltures living at Sully sur Loire, the car was restored (not very well) by them for the mariage of one of them. 

One "Petit Annonce" for veichules for sale inside the magazine LVA, was interesting and, consequently, the car was descovered in good general conditions, at the engine turned on, the car was runnig very bed since the carburator was tuned with great fantasy.
Electric circuit remade very bed, the seats rebuilt in proper way but with recent cloth.
The cardans changed.

 Since 2000, the car has run 10 km only!
The ignition was good,  the wheels bearings changed as wel as the silencer.
The engine is generous but the clutch very tired oblidges to take out the parts very soon, to obtain reliable conditions. 

The car has the roof in steel since long time.""

- Series Plate:     005715
- Bodyshell Plate: AX 0874

- Engine Plate:     BZ 0583

- Foundry date:   
- Gearbox:
- Body (inside):