The  7A   of  Mr   A.  DE JONG




This car was discovered to be a real 7A study executed on the car in November 2015 by Mr Edwin Dijksterhuis owner’s friend.
It is in fact a 7A whose original plates were change with 7B.plates
The main reasons are the following: - Steel roof that was placed later, as it is poorly finished and the original woodwork roof is still present underneath the metal roof.

- Engine 72x80 , date of foundry2-6-34
- bonnet vents open in the same direction.
- 4 fan blades
- Pulley is plainl
- Radiator fixed on gear box
- The avance joystickis centeredin the dashboard
- Some reinforcements are added in a later stage

The surprising detailed analysis made by Mr Edwin and the consultation with Dominique Peter have driven to the conclusion that this is a 7A model.

The car in its current state has suffered many changes, but the heart remains the 7A one.



- Series Plate:    xx

- Bodyshell Plate: xx

- Engine Plate:  BD 0536

- Foundry date:   2.6.34

- Gearbox:
- Body (inside):  5048