The  7A   of   Mr xxx xxx


Owned by the same owner since 2009. The restoration is finished in July 2016.

This is one of two surviving  7A built in England.

Mr Robin Dyke of Tractoin club England refers:

" The registration number is WP7320.
This is the original number plate and was issued in October 1934.
It is what we call a Super Modern Twelve with a chassis plate stamped 7A and with the chassis number 100244.
It was built in Seagrave Road, Hammersmith, London.
It is thought that it was built especially for the 1934 Earls Court Motor Show CitroŽn had a factory at Slough since 1926, but they also had premises at Hammersmith, where I think they did special projects.
It is not the same as the other Slough 7A cars, which would have been built when Paris was building the 7C.
The body is clearly an Paris body shell, but with right-hand drive steering.
The steering goes through a hole on the right-hand side which has been specially cut. It has a steering box (not a steering rack).
The engine was 1303cc (72 by 80). The original engine was damaged by frost, and the block was cracked. The previous owner has found a replacement engine of the same date.
The engine is mounted on the original Floating Power mounts (not the later Pausodyne). "


- Series Plate:    100244  
- Bodyshell Plate:
- Engine Plate:     
- Foundry date:   
- Gearbox:
- Body (inside):              

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