ICCCR 2004 Interlaken      13-14-15 August 2004 


Notes after ICCCR

 -          A fantastic choice to organze the meeting on an airport, great room for the cars and the village very close and                  baricentric.

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-          Very good idea to avoid the usual queues at the entrance: only the check of the registrations; the distributions of the           gadgets and plaques later, inside the village, after thr parking of the cars.
-          The village with many cusines: swiss and german, chinese, italian greek etc.
-          Fantastic idea at the village: many many seats and tables to seat down and rest during the long day and for eating.

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-          Very good climate during the day (less in the night)
-          The Citroen divided into traction and Ds only; no division for 2cv, ami, etc
-          All traction togheter, no division into models or years
-          Where is the Concour d’elegance?? At Interlaken city, not for us who are inside the airport for the meeting
-          How many participants? Saturday afternoon I have seen the registration about 2700
-          Interesting expositions
-          Sugestion for everybody at ICCCR: if you have the chance to meet a friend, talk to him as much as possible because          you could not meet him anymore.
-          My final opinion: I enjoied very much


My ICCCR with the 11B

Interlaken has represented for me something particular: the first important meeting close to my house: only 311 km far from my house.
Not as usual : 700-1000-1200 km to drive to reach the meeting location (Clermont Ferrnad, Chevetogne, Le Mans...) with an interminable day of travelling, hot climate and high temperature for the pour engine of the traction;   it looked a dream, only five hours driving, a speed of 80-90 km/h on the swiss kighway and average consumption of 11,6 km/litre .
Friday morning at 10.30 we were inside ICCCR.
The runway of the airport is a fantastic place to organize ICCCR.

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After sometime, it arrives the traction 7A of Mr Gavard, the only 7a present, a family car, bought by his father in
Paris in May 1934, a 7° with the gear first model.

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Swiss grill at lunch in the village, very, very good, but the price more than double of the prices in
. We meet the friend Mr Dominique Peter and wife with their traction easy to recognize.

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By chance, late afternoon we met Mr Dominique Belliere and the enthusiast Mr Friry, present with its traction cabriolet 1935.: unfortunately no more chance to meet them during the meeting.
First time in my life: to drive my traction in the night with the rain...the lights not strong....I can not see anything.... No possibility to find a covered parking for the night so that the car remains under the rain: tomorrow will the engine start??
Ok no problem in the mooring, the engine starts and we go for the full Saturday at ICCCR.
Found the desk of Olivier de Serres in the village: many people to talk with him and a new dvd for sale dedicated to the traction made by him.
We meet on the runway the second (and last) traction from
Italy , the 11 BL 1950 of Mr Gianluca Peretto and wife; I knew him 10 years ago during my first meeting at Satonay (Lion).

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The weather is fantastic, no sun no hot, no rain.
We left the airport to go to Interlaken and we have the chance to see the Concour d'elegance: but frankly speaking, a concour d'elegance without Mr De Serres presentation is not a concour d'elegance.
The ICCCR is finished for us because we have planned to leave on Sunday.
Sunday morning I was completely worried for the car: there is a long climbing to drive, going to Luzern: about 15 km with slope 10 %, a climb never done by me with the traction; after half hour from Interlaken the climb begins: the outside temperature was fantastic with only 15°c, 2° gear , 40-45 km/h, faithful that la traction does not leave us. Every think ok, the traction runs up, up no problem.
Near Bellinzona, about 100 km to arrive, the battery indicator indicates 0...we continue driving and hoping....we arrive at home without problem, apparently the battery still completely charged!?!