Anniversary Traction at Versailles - April 18 2004



I have been one of the lucky participants present at the Anniversary of the Tractions on April 18, 2004 at Versailles.

My presence has been decided only during the first days of April, when I have found a person, Mr Fausto, who, owner of a lorry and a tender , with his great availability, has carry us up to Versailles.
Two days and two nights with 2060 km on the road.

vr03asmall.jpg (42745 byte)

But the presence at Versailles has been in doubt untill the end: the 7A engine has been assembled during the the last week and started up at 4 p.m. of Friday April 16, the day before leaving.
But, after 20 seconds the engine stopped after a terrible noise inside.
.The only thing to do was to open again immediately the engine and look inside.
The rings of the pistons, replaced new, were a little larger in their diameter!
Immediately proceed to take away the pistons , but without take down the engine from the body.
Very long and difficout job that has been completed at 10.30 in the night: then close the engine, assemble all the parts, check the “avance”, the electric contacts... finished at 3 a.m on Saturday and after 4 hours, we started for Versailles.

During the Anniversary, the 7A has been the first time under the rain after its restoration, water inside everywhere, but the rodage inside the Versailles castle: what honour!

For the Anniversary day description, I suggest to read the beautiful relation in the web   of Guy Loos and Jerome Collignon.

Herebelow some pictures.


vr02asmall.jpg (58893 byte)
The moorning  (photo P. Turchi)


peter_a.jpg (28046 byte)
Trianon in afternoon (photo D. Peter)


70atVersasmall.jpg (55424 byte) Trianon in the afternoon (photo R. Dyke)