Drive a 7A in the night for the first time

  Few kilometers driven in the night, the road is narrow, asphalted, in the middle of the countryside close to Milano city. The experience has been traumatic, intense, extraordinary, perhaps not to be repeated.
The darkness is total, the road connects two villages through fields and irrigation channels; it is a Sunday of winter and the transit of car, generally negligeble, is nearly nonexistent the evening after dinner. 

I decide therefore to get a roundtrip. I had never tried to drive in the night with the car lights switched on. 

The 7A has the lighs with its original inner parabolas in good conditions, the lamps “ville” are 6 watts, the lamps “route” are from 40 watt, original lamps of 1934, glass  knurled because the glass of the lights is smooth.

The 7A has never gone with the lights on, during its life after the restoration. neither in the day nor in the night...

Then I start the trip and after few distance I am in the countryside entering in the total dark.
The tight road suggests me to drive slowly, at 40 km/h, but I do not see anything so that I turn the switch located in the center of the steering wheel switching on the high lamps but the result changes little, I can see the road only for about 20 meters in front of me...
Consequently I increase the speed and the intensity of the lights improves so that I can see the road better... but a car is coming in the oppsite direction;
I must slow down because the road is tight and we can pass with difficulty by 2 cars together: Can the other car driver see me? He see me but I am with the 7A almost stopped and the lights in this conditions..., 2 candles make more light...
I improbe my speed up to 60 km/h and I can see the road for about 40 meters in front of me;
Luckily I know very well the road I am driving so that I Know the road turn to the right so that I slow down even if I still do not see the elbow;
After the elbow I improve the speed again asking myself what can happen if one does not know the track of the road.

 After a quarter of hour I am already back home! Tried by the tension... thanks 7A, you have gone without any  fault.

Now the next step is to drive in the night while raining…….