1 - Refabrication of silent block in rubber for engine support
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After having contacted a rubber manufacturer who asked a very high price for the support refabrication, the restorer decided to proceed by himself with the refabrication.
Herebelw are the phases of the refabrication..
He has bought from a rubber shop 4 blocks in rubber anti vibration as in the drawing below, having the same thikness as the original support ( thk12 mm, diam. as available on the market). 


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1 - drill the holes on the two parts of the support

2 - and insert the 4 blocks.


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3 - weld the screws to the support ( the welding is the most important think to assure the correct function of the support) Immediately after the welding , fresh the welded part in order to avoid damage to the rubber.

4 - Cut the screws of the blocks. the suppor is now finished but it is necessary fill the space around the blocks with additional rubber in order to obtain the same exterior look as in the original support.

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5 - By employing a normal piece of rubber, make it in pouder.

6 - Then mix the pouder with glou for rubber/wood (Bostik)

  7 - apply the mix in the free spaces of the support.