3 - Liners 72 x 80 and rings Hugo Reinz

At the restoration, the original liners were employed again, since still in acceptable conditions. After about 700 km from the restoration completion, the engine had a break, finding oil inside the water tank. (after Tractionades meeting in 2003) without a clear reason. .


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At the engine disassembling, one liner presented a small crack, so that it was decided to refit the engine with 4 new liners


No liner 72 x 80 exists on the market so that they have been refabricated one by one. Togheter liners, the relevant foot gaskets Hugo-Reinz have been made (in copper material). Their thikness (0.5 mm) was decided directly by the Specialist who rectified the crankcase and supervised the liners manucaturing.


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Liners Manufacturer:
Radar S.n.c.
Via Basiletti 19
25121 Brescia
Mr Ercoli Aldo
tel/fax 0039 030 3751321