11 - Electric circuit and Electric scheme - Update January 2016

The present update - January 2016 includes the re-drafting of the electric wiring scheme and the new direction lights circuit. The cables list has been also completed (lenght, colors, etc)

At the purchase the electric circuit was the original one, in acceptable conditions inside the car, in bed conditions outside. The only missing cables were the cables (positive) for the Klacsons.


ref011a.jpg (17311 byte)

The old circuit was completely dismantled and fixed on a wooden board


The new electric wiring was made by cables in cotton like the original cables, with the same size and same colour black or yellow. New Electric Wiring

Each cable has been numbered and classified by length, colour, section, type of material in order to reproduce exactly the same circuit.

The small coloured sheaths at the end of each cable are made with the colour as in the origin.
The black sheaths for the cable were also replaced with new ones. The big sheath running on the left side of the engine is still the original one.


Two direction lights were present , placed behind the rear windows. The relevant switch was placed inside the car on the left side of the panel board. A new wiring with four direction lights has been mounted. Direction lights Wiring

List of Cables - Table