24 - Windscreen wiper arms

 At the purchase, the windscreen wiper system was existing, complete but in bed conditions.


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In the restoration, the damaged wiper was replaced with a similar one; the other one utilized again.

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The windscreen wiper was a type completely made in rubber which has inside a small steel to give the necessary rigidity.


The arms have been restored and mounted again




During the return from the Versailles meeting of April 18, 2004, due to the strong wind and rain whether, one windscreen wiper system was lost on the road so that the refabrication of both systems has been necessary.

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The windscreen wipers in rubber have been replaced with the type present in the pictures at the origin ( that is the type usually present on all the tractions).

The arm were made new taking the surviving windscreen wiper arms as sample for the refabrication.

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The system is composed by 4 parts:

- the bar, steel material, diameter 2 mm

- the small triangle to connect the bar to the windscreen, steel material, thk mm 1

- the spring

- the small disk to connect the spring to the lever.

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Since the triangle is made industrially at the press (pressoir), it was necessary to make a sample in order to fix the triangle on it and, by a vice, obtain the proper bending.

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