Officina Casarini


 Restoration workshop Casarini Fabio

He is the actual restorator for all what concern mechanical and electrical matters of the 7A 001030.
The 7A restoration was made by Mr Renzo Roccato and Mr Franco in the years 96-2000, since Mr Casarini was the young helper of Mr Renzo at the beginning of 90’s while beginning his working experience.
Mr Renzo and Mr Franco were retired in 2001 and Mr Casarini took their workshop, their instructions and philosophy for restoration: to restore in conformity with the car original characteristics, patience, refabricate himself when necessary, talk with the owner for any step restoration, etc, etc....

His main activity is not relevant to the old cars but relevant to the routine cars maintenance and preparation and assistance of rally cars with preference to Subaru Impreza.

telephone/fax  0039 02 5695238


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