Tests after Restoration, Maintenance

7A start-up and run-in after engine gasket change made in February 2005.

This chapter describes the run-in of the 7A after the change of engine gasket made in February 2005.
The gasket installed in the engine is an original gasket of 1934. This gasket has 2 differences compared with the gasket actually on sale (Maillor, etc):
- the material is less flexible at the tightening.
- The holes (triangle holes in the center) for water flow are smaller.
Here below are listed the notes taken during the first tests.

March 17, 2005
Only 9 km to drive from workshop to the garage .
New candles are very dirty (black).

March 29, 2005
Day conditions: hour 6.30 A.M. Temperature 14 C, humidity 35 %
- Tank is full, the fuel indicator in the computer indicates 34 litres instead of the maximum (39 l.)
Fuel employed AGIP unleaded 95 octane. Additive Superblend Zero Lead 800.
Note on the tank level: the engine does not start when the fuel level is low. The minimum level is (looking inside the tank from the cap by the light of a battery) about 2 cm lower then the wing of separation inside the tank.
- Difficulty to start the engine (not justified) Probably the “avance” to check.
- lights of computer are broken (5 watt)
- After the start of the test, during the first 10-15 minutes (speed 40 km/h) engine pressure indicates 3,8 bar. During the subsequent kilometers, the pressure decreases when the engine is in temperature. At 3 gear, 50 km/h 1,4 bar, at 60 km/h 1,6 bar. Opening the “volets” on the bonnet, no pressure variation is noted.
- After certain engine rpm, the exhaust has vibrations
- The 3 gear shall be kept in position with the right hand on the lever.
The test is temporary stopped after 1’ 30” driving (about 60 km driven)
- the engine restart properly when the engine is still hot. After one hour stop the engine start is very difficult.
- Three times the engine switch off without reason. Probably it is caused by an electric fault since there is a defect in the key contact of the switch of the board.
- The fan started to be noisy.
- The windscreen wiper turns up unproperly when meeting a big lorry running in the opposite direction.