Restoration of the 7A n. 001030

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The restoration started in January 1996.
The objective of the restoration has been to obtain a restored car completly “as in the original conditions” “conforme l’origine”.
To do this, the following philosophy has been applied: All the parts in acceptable conditions have not been changed but mounted again after a check, cleaning or restoration: example the seats have been only cleaned (not washed) or the lamps are not recromed and they still have outside the scratchs due to the opening of the bonnet. Mechanical parts not changed or improved and only in case of bed conditions they have been replaced with a piece similar to the original, example the steel water pipes.
Screws and bolts have been mounted in the same place where they were before restoration.
The missed parts have been searched in the fairs, (also help of Mr. Chauvet) and, in case not found, refabricated.
Before starting the restoration, pictures and  films have been done. During the car disassembling, pictures, drawings and notes have been taken, each dismaunted piece has been put inside a plastic envelope with its description in order to assemble again everything in the same way.
The intention has been to obtain a 7A like was in origin, a car that should be a reference for everybody who needs to know how the 7A n. 001030 was in May/June 1934; as we say in Italy : to make a “restauro conservativo”.
The basis of the restoration has been the litterature, many books were available and many 7A pictures on them, studied and studied again... Then the consultancy of M. Friry, collector of 7A, the help of Olivier De Serres and M. Chauvet. This to arrive to finih the main restoration in March 1999.
Further to the pubblication of the book of Jerome Collignon a second phase of restoraton has been done in order to complete some details: this part of restoration has been done from time to time from 2002 up to  Tractionades 2003.
The Main Restoration has been executed by myself for the minor thinks that do not need peculiar experience and tools but time and patience, by the Officina Roccato (now Officina Casarini) for the mechanical parts and by the Carrozzeria Monzio for the body.

Working Hours
The working hours employed by Officina Roccato have been about 1100 hours
The working hours employed by Carrozzeria Monzio have been about 300 hours
My hours have been 1280, mainly to do the following:
- All the pieces to be refabricated or works that are not executed by Roccato or Monzio.
- Disassembling of all parts apart the mechanical parts.
- Disassembling and remaking of internals
- Disassembling and remaking of electric circuit
In addition to the above hours the time spent for studying and the search of pieces should be considered.

Now I remember only the pleasure of the works made by me but, since during the restoration I was working for my normal job, my hours for restoration were doneonly in the evening and week-end; I spent more than one year to live without meeting any friend !!!, living inside the garage under my appartment.... The pleasure of the beginning months of restoration changed into an obligation: a work oblidged to be finished. The finish of this restoration was a very important day, not only for the conclusion of works but also for the beginning of my normal life!!!


Mechanical Parts
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engine before washing
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After washing

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One of the biggest problems: an hole between the oil and water circuits in the second cylinder

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pte05a.jpg (10916 byte)  Total dismantling
pte23a.jpg (2734 byte) pte22a.jpg (3011 byte)
pte06a.jpg (10038 byte)
After sandblasting
pte07a.jpg (9960 byte)
Body reinforcing by steel plates 1.5 thk



pte08a.jpg (10361 byte)
After primer, using Leclair products

  pte24a.jpg (2473 byte)

  pte20a.jpg (11002 byte)
External painting by nitrosyntethic painture




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pti07a.jpg (7922 byte)
Original seats: before the capet-beater (left) and after the carpet-beater!!
pti08a.jpg (8094 byte)

Refabrication of cardboards doors pannels

pti09a.jpg (2772 byte)

moquette laydown




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Original paper plate with color reference, sticked in the rear locker