21 - Interior Parts

The interior cloths present inside the 7A are made by four different types:

(1)  Cloth for seats and doors panel

(2)  Twilled cloth covering all the vertical parts made in cardboard and the carpet of the rear boot

(3)  Insulation for boot carpet

(4)  Cloth plain (wool or similar) for headlining, the parts underneath the panelboard and underneath the rear seats.

(5)  Cloth covering the windlaces piping

 All cloths for the 7As with external gray/black paint, are coloured with a grey-brown colour (such colour was available at ENPI in the years 1997/98, but only for the tissue for seats/doors panels ) although each type (1,2,4,5) has not  the same colour each other.

(6)  The carpet was present on the vertical parts under the panel board, beside the seats and on the rear paving.


  Cloths  type quantity
Supplier ref. Notes
1 Seats/Panels wool 3mt (only panels) 4 mt ENPI 52185 Gris Rosalie
2 Vertical Parts   cotton 2,5 mt 5 mt ENPI no reference Colored by a Dye workshop
3 Boot carpet cotton about 1,20 mt see above ENPI no reference see above
3 Boot c. insulation insulating material about 1,20 mt 2 mt Renel --  
4 Headlining wool 1,58 mt 2 mt Ghidoli - Milano --  
5 Windlaces cotton about 4 mt 5 mt ENPI 36756 design 36856 colour  
  Carpet  type quantity
Supplier ref. Notes
6 Rear paving & Finishing Juta 2,5 mt 4 mt Aerre - Milano 790 Virtuose


At the purchase, the cloth of the seats was in good conditions , all the other interior cloths were in bed conditions, but  still present in every part.

The carpet was present only beside the seats and under the front panel board.

- Seats and Panels
- Vertical Part
- Boot carpet
- Headlining
- Windlaces
- Carpet